Change is NH Real Estate Transfer Tax

A new law has gone into effect and transfers to a Revocable Trust and to a Limited Liability Company may no longer be subject to the New Hampshire Real Estate Transfer Tax and no Tax Stamp will be required.  Certain language should be added to all deeds attempting to make this type of transfer and a PA-34 Dept. of Revenue form is required to be filed with the State of New Hampshire.

If you are contemplating a transfer of real property into a Trust for estate planning purposes or an LLC for liability protection purposes, give us a call and we will make sure your transfer is handled appropriately.

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New Short Sale Standards…Can they help you?

3 Facebook.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced new short sale standards.  If you are under water and need to sell your house, check them out to see if you may qualify.

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What happens if you die without a Will?

By creating your own Will you get to decide how your estate is handled, not the State.  If you die without a Will or Revocable Trust, then the State in which you reside determines who will share in your estate and how much they will get.  This often times will not correspond with your wishes and desires.

Creating a Will is simple and cost effective.

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Who will make health care decisions for you if you cannot?

Do you have a Health Care Power of Attorney?

If not, who will make health care decisions for you if you cannot do so for yourself.  If you are married, the law does not necessarily provide that your spouse will be able to make health care decisions for you.  Without a health care power of attorney, your health care decisions may be made by someone you do not have faith in or someone appointed by the Courts.

A health care decision is a simple form and very inexpensive to have done, yet can save you and your family lots of trouble should the need arise for decisions to be made on your behalf.

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Buying or Refinancing? Now may be the time to think about doing some simple estate planning as well.

Q. I’m getting married and purchasing a house.  I would like to have a will prepared at the same time.  What kind of questions will you ask when we meet?


A. The preparation of a will often requires some thought and consideration.  By the time the will is probated, you will not be able to make any changes – so do take the time required now to seriously consider the following:

Will you be married when you purchase the home?

Will you own the property with your spouse?

How will you hold title to the property?

To whom do you want your assets to go?

Do you have wishes as to specific bequests?

Do you have children?  Are they minors?

Who will be their guardian?  Their trustee?  Alternates?

Who will be the Executor of your estate?

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Thinking of renovating your home? Check out some of these great mortgage programs!

Are you thinking of doing some home renovations?  Check out these great mortgage programs and call us if you need a referral to a great loan officer who can assist you with the right program.

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New Hampshire is the best place to live for Kids

New Hampshire is the best place to live for kids.  Read all about it at

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Is there a difference between using an Attorney vs. a Title Company to close on my loan?

Q. Is there a difference between a Title Company and a Real Estate Attorney?  Can I request who handles my closing?

A.  Yes!  Title work is the least understood part of the purchase process, yet can have the most devastating effect on home ownership.

Title companies are corporations that are staffed by processors and clerks.  Usually there is not an Attorney present to deal with any issues that arise or to answer your questions – you must hire one outside the closing to help you.

When closing with a Real Estate Attorney, the Title to your new property will be reviewed by the Attorney and your closing will be handled by an Attorney or a Paralegal.  There will be an Attorney present to handle issues and concerns and answer your questions of law.

Attorneys practice under the auspices of the Bar Association, according to a code of ethics.  Anything untoward and they lose their license to practice.  They are also personally liable for malpractice suits whereas a corporation – such as a Title Company – may simply go out of business and you have no recourse.

The cost for either is generally the same.  Using an Attorney to close is easy-just make the request of your lender.  You both will be glad you did.

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Q. When is the best time to involve an attorney in the purchase of my new home?

A. Right from the start! As a purchaser it is important to involve your own attorney before you execute the Purchase and Sales Contract. At this stage, an experienced real estate attorney can help you avoid pitfalls that may be in the Agreement.  We will review the contract, advise you of your rights, assist you in finding the right mortgage lender and home inspector.  We will continue to assist you with the completion of the contract right through closing.   Should you need we will attend the closing with you and ensure that you have clean title to the property, that you obtain Owners Title Insurance through a reputable title insurance carrier and that the title to the property is deeded to you properly to protect you and your heirs should you pass away.

As with any legal issue, the advice of a trained professional is always beneficial.  Our firm is a full service law firm covering such legal matters as personal injury and estate planning.  If we can assist you, please call or visit our website.

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Changing Condo Docs or Homeowners Association Docs.

Have you looked at your condominium documents or home owners association documents?  Lots of lenders are looking more closely at those documents before lending money today.  More and more we are finding that they are not in compliance with todays new lending rules and regulations.

Does this mean you are out of luck, cannot refinance or sell your property?  No it does not.

Most if not all of these documents have provisions in them that allow them to be amended and modified under certain conditions.

We can help.  We will review your documents, draft the revisions, have them executed and ensure that they protect you and your lender.

Give us a call anytime.

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