Buying a home? Should you order a plot plan?

Q. Should I get a plot plan when I buy a new home? Who will order it for me?

A. Yes, a Plot Plan can reveal several things about your new property.  When purchasing a new home it is very important to be sure that your home is properly located on the lot to conform with zoning ordinances for your town.  The plot plan is the opportunity to determine this type of an issue.  This informal drawing will give you the layout of your home within the boundary lines as well as the distance from the front and side of the house to boundary line.  By viewing the Plot Plan you can determine if your new home encroaches on your neighbors or if the property you are contemplating purchasing is being encroached upon.

Many banks require a plot plan to be done in conjunction with your loan; however, if your lender does not require it, it is still something that your closing agent can order for you.  The cost is reasonable to avoid buying someone else’s headaches.

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