Changing Condo Docs or Homeowners Association Docs.

Have you looked at your condominium documents or home owners association documents?  Lots of lenders are looking more closely at those documents before lending money today.  More and more we are finding that they are not in compliance with todays new lending rules and regulations.

Does this mean you are out of luck, cannot refinance or sell your property?  No it does not.

Most if not all of these documents have provisions in them that allow them to be amended and modified under certain conditions.

We can help.  We will review your documents, draft the revisions, have them executed and ensure that they protect you and your lender.

Give us a call anytime.

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Buying a New Home? You may want to think of some Estate Planning at the same time…

Q. I’m getting married and purchasing a house.  I would like to have a will prepared at the same time.  What kind of questions will you ask when we meet?

A. The preparation of a will often requires some thought and consideration.  By the time the will is probated, you will not be able to make any changes – so do take the time required now to seriously consider the following:

Will you be married when you purchase the home?

Will you own the property with your spouse?

How will you hold title to the property?

To whom do you want your assets to go?

Do you have wishes as to specific bequests?

Do you have children?  Are they minors?

Who will be their guardian?  Their trustee?  Alternates?

Who will be the Executor of your estate?

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